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How will your donation help ASDOGS (NQ) to provide trained assistance dogs to improve the lives of people with disabilities?

  • Purchase of puppies, breeding dogs and breeding expenses
  • Veterinary expenses for all our puppies and dogs in training including desexing, vaccinations, annual health checks
  • Medications including worming, flea, and tick treatments
  • Grooming and grooming items
  • Crates and bedding
  • Training equipment including leads, collars and harnesses
  • Dog jackets, badges
  • Puppy Raiser essentials like food and water bowls, grooming items, toys, mats
  • Dog food
  • On-site accommodation for our graduate teams for Public Access Testing and training
…And much much more

Who we are

The Association of Australian Assistance Dogs (NQ) Inc. [ASDOGS (NQ) Inc.] is a charitable organization dedicated to the training and promotion of accredited Assistance Dogs for people with a disability.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. is an accredited training organization registered under the Queensland Government, Guide Hearing and Assistance Dog Act 2009.

Primary goals

  • 1. Select and train suitable dogs to the required standard of Assistance dogs and to meet the special needs of appropriate recipients.
  • 2. Actively promote the concept of trained Assistance Dogs for people with physical disabilities.
  • 3. Promote general awareness and support for the Assistance Dogs program among relevant private and public organizations and the broader community.
  • 4. Raise funds to finance the development and expansion of the ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. program.

Association of Australian Assistance Dogs NQ inc.
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