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About us

Founded in the year 2000 in Mareeba, North Queensland, The Association was formed for the purpose of training suitable dogs to assist people with physical disabilities to achieve a greater independence.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. provides Assistance Dogs to people in North Queensland, Australia. These dogs are provided free of charge to persons with physical disabilities that have passed the necessary criteria.

Our Assistance dogs are matched with each recipient on the basis of what is appropriate for the recipient’s needs.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. is an independent not-for-profit organisation that is operated by a team of dedicated volunteers. There are no paid positions. The Association’s only source of income is through donations and fundraising.

Guiding principles

1. Support dogs will be trained and provided for recipients with disabilities.

2. Training methods based on the “positive conditioning” approach are to be used and actively promoted by The Association of Australian Assistance Dogs (NQ) Inc. [ASDOGS (NQ) Inc.]

Our team

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. is run by a volunteer Management Committee and includes the Executive office bearers of President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary.

All positions in the organization are voluntary including the trainer’s positions.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. greatly appreciates the dedication and hard work of all its volunteers as ASDOGS (NQ) would not exist or function without their generosity of time and effort.


ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. aims to meet all industry standards in the training and provision of assistance dogs for appropriate recipients. This includes having qualified and experienced trainers, the use of up-to-date training methods based on positive conditioning, socialisation activities in the community, task training for particular needs and after care support to recipients.

How are our assistance dogs trained?

Training an Assistance dog takes considerable time and commitment from our volunteer puppy raisers and trainers. Each dog is trained specifically for the individual recipient’s needs. Training in basic obedience and socializing skills starts at 9 - 12 weeks of age when each puppy is placed with a “Puppy Raiser”.

The puppies are raised in the home of the “Puppy Raiser” for approximately two years. The puppies have formal training sessions every week at the ASDOGS training grounds until they are placed with a recipient.

Training includes advanced manners and skills, specialised task training and conditioning the dog to be comfortable and attentive in a variety of environments and situations that may occur in public places.

All training is conducted by qualified and accredited volunteer dog trainers. The training methods used are 100% humane and based on the science of how dogs learn.


Recipients are required to attend training classes at the ASDOGS centre in Mareeba to learn how to work with an assistance dog and for specific task training prior to receiving a dog. This time is also an important period for bonding to occur between the recipient and the dog. At the conclusion of this training the team (dog and recipient) will undertake a Public Access Test to ensure that they are safe and effective in public places. If you have a physical disability and believe that an Assistance dog would be beneficial, Contact us for more information and/or an application kit.

Association of Australian Assistance Dogs NQ inc.
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