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How will your donation help ASDOGS (NQ) to provide trained assistance dogs to improve the lives of people with disabilities?

  • Purchase of puppies, breeding dogs and breeding expenses
  • Veterinary expenses for all our puppies and dogs in training including desexing, vaccinations, annual health checks
  • Medications including worming, flea, and tick treatments
  • Grooming and grooming items
  • Crates and bedding
  • Training equipment including leads, collars and harnesses
  • Dog jackets, badges
  • Puppy Raiser essentials like food and water bowls, grooming items, toys, mats
  • Dog food
  • On-site accommodation for our graduate teams for Public Access Testing and training
…And much much more

Donations & sponsorship

ASDOG (NQ) Inc. is grateful for all donations. Without community support the Association would not be able to raise and train our Assistance dogs or provide this service for people with disabilities.



Every trained Assistance Dog costs ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. over $25,000.00 from puppy breeding until the dog is handed over to the recipient.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. is a not-for-profit organization and does not receive government funding, but relies solely on the generosity of public donation, fundraising and the dedication of its volunteers to provide its valuable services to people with disabilities.

All proceeds received through fundraising and donations go directly into running the organization, including training, feeding and veterinary care for our dogs in training.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. hopes to receive funding from companies, interest groups, individual donations and membership fees to enable the association to continue to change lives for the better.


How can you help ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. provide dogs to enhance the lives of people with disabilities?

You can assist us in many ways:

Make a donation.
Any donation over $2 is tax deductible.

ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. is also interested in receiving donations of Products and Services

Sponsor a project.
Contact us for more details or check-out our News page for current projects we would greatly appreciate your help with.

Support our Puppy program.
Donations go toward the expense of raising and caring for the puppies we are training. (food, veterinary costs, worming, flea and tick control, training equipment and doggie essentials like bowls, bedding, collars and leashes, jackets. Support can be monetary or products. If you wish to supply products, please Contact us to find out what we require.

Contribute to our “Sponsor a Puppy” program.
Sponsor the purchase of a puppy for us to train for a recipient on our waiting list or sponsor a particular puppy in training or from our next litter. Please Contact us for more details or check out our News page for details of dogs and puppies awaiting sponsorship.

Assist with fundraising.
ASDOGS (NQ) relies solely on donations and fundraising to operate. If you are able to help us with this please Contact us.

Become a dog boarder/sitter.
Provide short term accommodation and care in your home for our puppies and dogs in training when their carer’s are on holidays or are unable to look after them. You can offer to sit for a day, weekends or for a few weeks. This is a very valuable volunteering job to ASDOGS (NQ) as it makes “puppy raising” easier for our amazing volunteers. And you can have your “doggy fix”.

From time to time we also require temporary accommodation for older dogs who are awaiting a new home. If you can help us in this way please complete and send to us the “Dog boarder/sitter Application Form” in Forms or Contact us for more information.

Become a member of the Association.
Annual subscriptions for Singles and Families are available.
A Membership Application form is available on this site in the Forms section.

• Leave a gift in your will.

• Help raise awareness of Assistance Dogs and ASDOG (NQ).
• Include an article or advertisement in your newsletter, newspaper, webpage, notice board.

• Assist with dog walking, grooming and veterinary visits or dog training.

• Become a volunteer and contribute to ASDOGS (NQ) any special skills you have.

• Invite ASDOGS (NQ) Inc. to visit your group or organisation to explain the program.

Become a Puppy Raiser for ASDOGS (NQ)

ASDOGS (NQ) is looking for people committed to moulding our puppies into well-behaved, responsive and confident young dogs.

Puppy Raisers perform one of the most important volunteer roles connected to our organization. It is a very important part of the process of training an Assistance Dog. Without the commitment and generosity of our Puppy raisers we would not be able to produce the amazing assistance dogs that provide so many benefits to their disabled recipients.

Pups like human children need a stable home where they can settle in and feel secure, safe and confident. This is what you will be providing as part of your role as a Puppy raiser.

Puppy raisers are given detailed instructions during training lessons on all aspects of training and caring for their puppy. Our Puppy Raisers have access to help, support and guidance from the trainers and ASDOGS whenever you encounter any problems.

When the puppy is young you will learn to teach the puppy basic obedience, how to walk on a lead in a relaxed manner, good house manners, and provide socialization experiences for the puppy in a variety of new environments. (e.g. shopping centres, street walks, supermarkets, cafes, restaurants etc.)

As the puppy grows you will learn to teach advanced commands and tasks and you will be regularly taking your puppy on outings to expose it to a variety of environments and experiences.

As a Puppy raiser you will not only learn a lot about dogs but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are providing a disabled person with greater opportunities to live a more independent and social life though the support and care of an Assistance dog .

If you are interested in becoming a puppy raiser you will need to live in the Cairns/ Atherton Tablelands area or within reasonable driving distance from the town of Mareeba as you will be required to attend weekly training lessons at the ASDOGS (NQ) centre in Mareeba.

Puppy raisers care for and train the puppy in their homes until the dog is ready for placement with a recipient. Depending on the future role of the puppy this is usually between 12months and 2 years.

Become a Puppy Raiser for ASDOGS (NQ)

To have one of our Puppies in your home you will need to:

  • Have one nominated adult carer who will be responsible for all aspects of the puppy’s care, socialisation and training
  • Have a securely fenced and gated yard
  • Be willing to have the dog live inside your home day and night
  • Be able to feed and attend to the needs of a young puppy during the day
  • Have the time to train and provide socialisation experiences for the puppy
  • Be willing to obtain a “Blue Card”
  • Have no more than 1 other dog (Pet dogs will need to be assessed prior to placement of a puppy)
  • Be able to attend weekly training sessions at the ASDOGS centre Mareeba for the time of the placement.
  • Be willing to follow the rules and policies of ASDOGS (NQ) regarding the training, feeding and care of the puppy
  • Be able to provide love and nurturing, regular pats, cuddles and hugs

How do I apply to become a Puppy Raiser?

If you are interested in becoming a Puppy Raiser please Contact us for more information and an Application Form or fill in the “Puppy Raiser Application” form in Forms and either e-mail or post it to us.

If your initial application is suitable we will contact you to arrange an interview and property inspection.

Association of Australian Assistance Dogs NQ inc.
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